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Low Tunings, And their setup

Welcome to my guitar website If you have watched my YouTube channel you will know my content is all about guitars. Mainly about low tuning guitars like baritones, and extended range guitars. Plus I provide tips and tricks on how to improve your guitar skills. But here you will find resources and content to accompany my YouTube channel


I've been playing guitars since my teens, and it has always been a passion for me. Bundle that with a passion for heavy music, and that's how I came about the idea for my Youtube channel and the videos I do on there. It started out where I wanted to go low on guitar and then stumbled across some issues on getting lower. And then through trial and error I found ways to go low on guitar and wanted to share that knowledge with others. I also absolutely love teaching and sharing with others guitar techniques and audio and music production tips and tricks. So there will be some of that on this here as well! 


Thanks for taking the time to view my site, and I hope to see you over on my YouTube channel soon!

Don't Call Me

Gary Hiebner

This track was written in July 2023, but stems from a guitar riff idea from October 2021. The super, low tuned B0 riff is what stemmed the idea for the whole song. And then then the lyrics, melody and arrangement shaped the rest of the song.

Written, recorded and designed by Gary Hiebner
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  1. Don't Call Me